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About Us

Our History

EHMP Engineering Oy was founded  by Pentti and Kyösti Lakso in 1995. From the day one our core business has been construction site management and supervision services. Our professionals have worked as supervisors, planners, site engineers, project and construction managers in various industrial and infrastructure projects in Finland and abroad. Our strength is in our professional and committed staff.  

EHMP Asiantuntijapalvelut


Construction Management

EHMP Engineering Oy's professionals have worked as consultants in demanding industrial and residential construction projects since the establishment of our company. Our major clients are international companies from the heavy industries but we also work with small-mid size companies and private people.

Civil Construction Expert Services

Civil Engineer & Senior Supervisor (FISE) Harri Halonen has been carrying out Chamber of Commerce's good's inspections since 1996.

Telephone: +358 207 756 253


Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment

  • Everybody goes home heatlhy after a working day


  • We foster a culture of wellbeing among our employees


  • We are commited to zero incidents framework. We constantly train our employees and participate in different HSE-development groups

  • Fulfilling all  heath and  safety obligations is always our first priority 


  • At common workplaces in addition to the safety of our employees we also think about the safety of others


  • We always use our long experience to develop the fire safety wherever we are working 

  • We always obey the local legislation and co-operate with the authorities

  • Responsibility and sustainability towards the society and the natural resources are always in our highest priority. In our business operations we always minimize the amount of waste and emissions

EHMP Työturvallisuus

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EHMP Engineering Oy 

Vaahteramäentie 7

04150 Martinkylä, Sipoo

Männiköntie 5

99800 Ivalo

phone: +358 20 775 6250 


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